Monday, 26 November 2012

The Organic Cafe, Bistro and Bar, Fornham All Saints

OK, so I went to Jamie Oliver's Italian, but that was way on the other side of Bury.   I do try to support local businesses if I can, especially this side of Bury. But on the whole, it's certainly no hardship to go without the cheap and often not-very-cheerful meals of the chain gang (which in Bury we seem to drown in). Good value food is a must for me, but I would rather pay a little more for something special than 'make do' elsewhere.  Well, guess what? I can pay reasonable prices for organic food in my latest find - the Organic Cafe/Bistro/Bar in Fornham All Saints (tucked behind the Organic Shop on the main street).

Some of us would shy away from buying organic food ourselves because we know it is invariably more expensive than non-organic.  Miraculously it seems, that the owner of this business is intent on keeping prices competitive in the restaurant.  My friend and I spent a while talking to him on our last visit.  Providing beautifuly prepared organic food appears to be his passion.  Eating it is one of mine. Shame about the drinking, but I do believe organic wines do not have the detrimental effect on your mind and body that many non-organic have.  In this restaurant, their wine prices are comparable with most other local restaurants, although there is limited choice. I would normally say it's preferable to have more choice to include organic and non-organic wine,  but not necessarily when prices are as competitive as these.  But if you visit don't expect organic gin and tonic. In fact, don't expect any gin and tonic (at the moment). They pride themselves here on providing 95% organic products.  I asked the head chef John, what the other 5% was, and he replied 'Wild!'.  I resisted saying  'Calm!'.

And talking of the head chef, John worked at the  Leaping Hare for two years, which is qualification enough for me.  The Leaping Hare near Ixworth has always been one of my favourite restaurants, although maybe a bit too pricey for me these days.  But so popular, not just with me but celebrities (well, I once saw (or heard) Griff Rhys Jones there)  and with several people I know who travel from Essex to visit.  Well, I now like to think, as John remarked, that there's now a little Leaping Hare nearer town. A  more affordable one, more importantly.

Certainly the lunches my friend an I ate (this was my second visit this month) were delicious. When I saw the chicken dish she was served, I immediately wished I had ordered the same. However, I didn't begrudge her every mouthful because my salmon fish-cakes were the best I can remember.

I do hope this restaurant gets the success that so far it seems to deserve. And I hope it keeps up its high standards and reasonable prices.  A Sunday lunch there next!

Butternut squash and green vegetables alongside a super chicken dish.

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